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If you’re thinking about upgrading to iOS 11 the moment it’s released, there are some steps that you coque poilue iphone 5 should take so you don’t end up in a world of hurt.

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Before you go hog wild, throw caution to the wind and start upgrading, be aware that there are risks. Things can go wrong, stuff may be broken, and you may lose data. Plenty of iOS launches have been marred by bugs and problems, so with that in mind, it’s a good idea to have an up to date backup, because making a fuss isn’t going to bring back your lost photos or documents.

You can either create a local backup using coque iphone 4s red bull iTunes, or backup to iCloud by going to Settings > iCloud > Backup, and then turning on iCloud Backup.

Keep in mind that unless you’re willing to jump through hoops and do things that Apple frowns upon, going to iOS 11 is a one way trip, so you might want to let other people to go ahead of you just in case there are gotchas

Spring clean your iPhone or iPadChances are that your iPhone or iPad has accumulated a lot imprimer une coque iphone 4s of detritus over the months and years, so what better time to get rid of it than now.

While iOS 11 doesn’t need as much free coque iphone 6s mountain space to install as some of the earlier releases of iOS, getting rid of apps that coque iphone 7 chez claire’s you no longer use or perhaps have never coque iphone se winnie used makes good sense.

Know your passwordsFollowing the upgrade, you’ll need to enter your iCloud password in coque iphone 7 esr order to be able to reconnect to all your data and photos. If you don’t have this close to hand remember, having it on the device you’re upgrading isn’t all that convenient then this might be a good time to do that.

Also, if your iTunes backup is encrypted, then remember you’ll need that password if something iphone 5 coque fortnite goes bershka coque iphone 5s wrong!

Prepare yourself for the “Appocalypse”The end is nigh for all 32 bit iOS apps, so if you’re still relying on older apps, it’s time to find alternatives.

For some time now, Apple coque iphone 6 s livraison rapide has been warning iPhone and iPad users that legacy 32 bit apps may slow down their devices, but with the recent release of iOS 10.3, Apple coque iphone 7 pasteque has escalated things by making it clear that the end is coque iphone 6s plus tech21 nigh.

You can check installed apps for compatibility using the built in checker tool (you need to be running iOS 10.3 or later for this to work).

You can find michael kors coque iphone 6 plus that by clicking: Settings > General > About > Applications.

From there, you’ll get a list of all the 32 bit apps on your iPhone or iPad that won’t run on iOS archos coque iphone 11. If you’re lucky, you won’t have any apps listed, or the apps that are listed will be old stuff that you forgot you had installed and no longer use.

However, if an app coque iphone 8 plus avec fille that you coque iphone 7 armani are relying on is listed, then you need to get ready for its demise.

Top iOS apps for productivity: Get more done.

Is it better to upgrade or wipe the device and start from scratch It’s a lot less hassle to just upgrade a device because you get to keep all your apps and settings.

However, devices that I have wiped and reloaded a new iOS onto, and then installed and re setup all my apps and such, feel faster and seem to suffer from fewer problems (such as Bluetooth and Wi Fi issues). However, wiping and reloading the apps and data is pretty big hassle, and it’s probably more work than most want to undertake.

Should I wait a while before doing the upgrade There will coque rinoshield iphone 5 c likely be an update or two to iOS 11 coming down the pipes over the coming weeks, so you might coque iphone 5 housse want to coque iphone 5 muvit wait for the dust to settle and for any last minute bugs to be squashed before making the leap, especially if you rely on your device.

Also, if you use your device in a BYOD setting, coque iphone 4 adidas swag make sure you get the OK from the coque objectif iphone 5 IT coque iphone 7 glace department before upgrading, in case you’re unable to access the coque iphone x aluminium network or data you need…

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