Maldives tsunami death toll rises to 67

Maldives tsunami death toll rises to 67

As more than 100 people drowned Sunday when a magnitude 9.2 earthquake and tsunami slammed the island of Bali, a new toll has risen to 66, bringing the total death toll to 67 — all but one of them Indonesian citizens.

The World Health Organization said about 11,000 people may be trapped under collapsed buildings in the earthquake-stricken capital, Bali, after reports spread of “catastrophic destruction.” Some 200 people died Sunday night, and more than 60 were missing.

The death toll includes at least 37 Indonesians dead and nearly 300 foreigners. The latest death toll from the disaster was not released early Monday. The World Health Organizatio우리카지노n issued a news alert urging pjarvees.comeople to stay away from tsunami-damaged areas.

The agency said the death toll would probably increase to as high as 200, while dozens of rescue workers had바카라 been killed.

Survivors say they’re in desperate need of food, supplies and medical help, and the U.S. government launched a major effort to help rebuild after two devastating earthquakes killed nearly 6,000 people there in 2011.

President Barack Obama said Sunday the international response to the disaster had been “astonishing” and vowed the United States would help in any way it could.

“The U.S. Navy’s 3rd Fleet will soon be launching a ship out of Pearl Harbor to support an international response efforts,” Obama said in a statement.

While not officially part of the U.S. coalition that has been working in Indonesia, the U.S. Embassy released this photo showing a U.S. destroyer moored nearby to a C-130 military aircraft. Credit: U.S. Embassy Jakarta

The Japanese government warned Sunday that more than 50 Japanese tourists, including 15 children, were missing after the second quake struck, with some estimates suggesting up to 300 people may be trapped and trapped in submerged hotels or in hotel stairwells.

About 100,000 Indonesians had been ordered by police to move back to their country Saturday after the second quake hit off the northwest coast of Bali. At least 150 were stuck at a hotel as of late Sunday, said an Indonesian official.

One of the dead was a 26-year-old woman named Lita, who, according to her relatives, was returning from a tourist getaway when the quake struck. The quake’s epicenter was on Riau, a remote, unpopulated section of the country off the southern coast of Sumatr