• Vision

This policy is aimed to conduct and develop human resource with a potential quality in the fields of engineer, technical, science and technology. The Institute will become an outstanding institution in training young Cambodian students with high quality and capability and to be a science and technology research center of wide recognition form national and international communities.

  • Objective

The aim of the institute is to conduct training, technology education, science and technology with certain quality, virtue and high capability so that the student are able to gain knowledge, practical skill and capacity to be the basic of work creation and to fill the labor market requirement and participate in national social-economic development to high growth.

  •  Goal

To achieve these vision and aims, the institute has objectives as follow:

– Ensure to build, develop and produce human resources with quality and effectiveness to fit the need the labor market.

– Continue to expand and strengthen academic quality in the sector of engineer, technique, science and technology with potentiality, capability and upgrade the education training system in higher education institution in Cambodia.

– Develop researching work in national and international level.

– Continue to expand and strengthen cooperation with local and international development partners in national and international community to be the benefit and basics of building and upgrading in studying capacity, teaching and researching task, science to students and professors.

– Continue to expand and strengthen good relationship with factories, enterprises, national and international companies in order to create job opportunity for student and study tour.