Seminar on “Manufacturing and Wastewater Treatment”

was organized at Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC) on February 26th, 2014. Following opening remark led by Dr. IN Sokneang—Head of University-Industry linkage of ITC, Mr. BE Chhayrath—Production Manager at Cambodia Beverage briefly introduced the company before presenting Company’s Manufacturing Operation. This seminar was continued with Technology for Wastewater Treatment provided by Mr. PLONG Thângrak—SHEQ Manager during which about 300 ITC students (mainly from Industrial and Mechanical Engineering Department and Chemical Engineering and Food Technology Department) participated. Besides these best practices, Mr. BE Chhayrath and Mr. PLONG Thângrak also shared their professional experiences on Production Management and Team Work skill without which professional lives could not have been successful. During seminar, it has been noticed that students were interested in New Technology used for Treatment of Wastewater and Production Management. ITC would like to once again take this opportunity to congratulate and thank Coca Cola Company for overwhelming support and sharing this pragmatic experience.

Photo: Seminar on “Manufacturing and Wastewater Treatment” provided by CoCa Cola Company (Cambodia Beverage)