Visit of Croton Company and SME Support

(Dr. Thavarith CHUNHIENG - Deputy Director for International Relations and Research, Dr. Sokneang IN - Responsible for University-Industry Linkage, and Dr. Virak HAN –Responsible for Civil Engineering Master Program), and Representatives of SME Support, and Croton Company, Japan, at ITC, concerned about the future collaborations between ITC and Japanese small and medium enterprises.

Croton, a Japanese architecture company wishes to do business in Cambodia, Mr. Shimoji Tetsuro (CEO of Croton) said.

ITC’s infrastructure and facilities (departments, laboratories, library....) and activities (capacity building, international cooperation between universities and industries, research….) were presented by Dr. Thavarith CHUNHIENG to Japanese delegations, followed by many questions from Mr. Hiroya Hashimoto, Mr. Shuichi Takizawa, and Mr. Takuma Koichi (Manager, Senior advisor and International business advisor of SME Support, Japan), respectively.

The presentation and explanation of Civil engineering and architecture engineering programs, human resources and the number of students in the department and ITC, by Dr. Virak HAN, were also very interested for the Japanese delegations.

The information of the construction and architecture companies in Cambodia were also discussed between Dr. Virak HAN and Mr. Shimoji Tetsuro (CEO of Croton) during this meeting.

Both sides expected to have a good collaboration between each other in the near future.

Photo: Delegations from Japan and representatives of ITC