Visits to SMEs in Battambang Province

the short period of visits had been done in spome palces (1- grape plantations and wine production, nêms produced in family scales, rice paste steamed and fermented fish sauce) at Battambang province by the representatives of ITC, Dr. Thavarith CHUNHIENG (deputy director for international cooperations and research), Mr. Sothan NUTH (deputy director for academic affairs) and Mr. Noi MOEUNG (responsible for porjects). 

After the visits, ITC has planed to send students for having iuntership in thoses palces in order to help the farmers to develop the technology of production.

Photo 1. Plantations of grapes in Banon district.                             Photo 2. Visit to  wine production.


Photo 3. NÊM (A kind of fermented fish by lactic acid bacteria)


Photo 4. The grinding rice mixed with water to produce a rice paste

Photo 5. The steam of rice paste.              Photo 6. Drying of steamed rice paste under sun shine.