Geotech and Geo-ressources

Response to the emerging needs of the management and development of natural resources in Cambodia and the recommendation of the Royal Government of Cambodia on the reopening of the school of Geology in Cambodia under the guidance of the Ministry of Education, youth and Sport, ITCestablishes a new department called the "Geotech and Geo-ressources Engineering" at the end of 2011.Opening The department is ensure the sustainable development of human resources in the mining and oil in Cambodia. On the other hand, to integrate curriculum in accordance with standard internationallevel and to respond to labor market requirements. Read more ...

GGG members of the department:
Mrs. PEN Chhorda
- Mr. Phat Bone
- KIM Vannada
- Mr. Bo KONG
- Mr. KONG Sangva
- Mr. VAMOEURN Nimol
- Mr. Vuthy HORNG
- Mr. SIENG Peoureglement inside

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