Department of Computer Science

mobile and web application development, databases,networks, Management of Information System, multimedia, etc ...

To ensure the quality of training , our approach is to have a solid teaching program on theory and a large amount of practical work and projects. The completion of the training program assure by internship followed strictly by the supervisor of related industrial and an academic tutor with the competent in the relevant field. We currently have five computer rooms, one network room equipped more than 150 computers available to students.

Study program

-Engineering program

-Master program


Career Opportunities

-Sociétés de services et d'ingénierie informatique.

-Service de multi-média et réseaux de communication.

-Sociétés de services de télécommunication.


University partners

-Université de La Rochelle, France

-UCBL Lyon 1, France

-MICA HUST, Vietnam

-Seoul Cyber University, Korea


Industrial partners

-ICT Business Association




-Open Institute

-Web Essential







(Ms.) SENG Chendamonny, Secretary

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