Since its establishment in 1964, the Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC) has received

greater recognition for its successes and achievements in serving the country through human

resources development, institutional capacity building and working intensely on the economic

and infrastructure development of Cambodia. ITC, for more than four decades, has established a

link between the French and English speaking networks in the region and in the world. With its

numerous collaborators, administrators, students, faculty staffs and alumni, this institution offers

a unique multilateral context for an exchange of views with ministries, local authorities, NGOs,

the private sectors and partner institutions.

ITC has a mission to train students with high-quality education in the fields of engineering,

sciences and technologies and to develop innovative technology transfer. Students are provided

with a strong scientific base and technical know‐ how and skills which allow their integration

and evolution in the labor market. Based on the decision of the annual board meeting, the future

orientation of ITC is to expand the engineering education area and develop research platforms in

order to sustain the development of the country. This requires strengthening the basic scientific

knowledge, developing research programs in connection with the private sectors and national

and international stakeholders, supporting communities, fostering economic development

through entrepreneurship programs, and helping our graduate students integrating the global

economy. Ultimately, it is important for ITC to keep its own identity of a multilingual institution

maintaining and expanding a network with French and English speaking universities, to provide

an education that motivates teaching staffs and students, stimulates creativities and inspires

future ambitions, and to develop an internationally recognized research in adequacy with the

needs of the society.

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