The objective of the event is to gather together scientists, decision makers and state agencies, innovation experts such universities, research and development centres, technology transfer centers, start-up centres, and practitioners (SMEs, business incubators and business support organizations) to generate discussion and exchange on the role of SCA to consider “Science and Technology in contributing for Culture”.

 The conference will provide a platform for presentations and discussions

 -      to review role of SCA in facing the challenges of ASEAN Economic Integration 2015

    how ASEAN Integration 2015 can beachieved to meet the goals.  Thus, the join Board Meeting and the International symposium within two days in Siemreap entitled “Science and Technology for Culture” wise practices will be defined as actions, tools, principles or decisions that contribute significantly to the achievement of environmentally sound, socially equitable, culturally appropriate and economically sound development in all ASEAN members. In order to attempt a clarification of this very general definition, a list of characteristics will be proposed to further define wise practices; these will subsequently modified during electronic discussions. These characteristics will provide a framework for evaluation, and are as: long-term benefit; capacity building and institutional strengthening; technology and knowledge transfer; culturally respectful; sustainability and transferability; interdisciplinary and inter-sectorial; strengthening local identities; regional dimension; documentation and evaluation.