Program of the 15th SCA Conference in Siem Reap City, Angkor

Venue: Angkor Paradise Hotel, Siem Reap City, Kingdom of Cambodia

15 May 2015, Friday




8:00 -



SCA International Symposium (DAY 1)


Welcome remark Dr. Vijaya KUMAR, President of Science Council of Asia (SCA)

Opening ceremony by H.E. Dr. Hang Chuon Naron, Minister of Education, Youth

and Sport, Kingdom of Cambodia





Plenary session I  Chair by Dr. Vijaya KUMAR


Keynote 1:Potential Challenges for the Idea of Harmony of a Communal Society

and Nature Learnt from Egypt and Angkor, Director Prof. Takeshi NAKAGAWA,

Open Air Museum MEIJI-MURA, Japan


Keynote 2: Uncovering Human Past Using Medical Imaging Science and

Technology, Prof. Dr. Rethy CHHEM, Executive Director for CDRI, Cambodia




Bayon Ballroom







Group I:


Title: Preservation of Cultural Heritage and Disaster Prevention

Co-chairs: H.E. Mak Ngoy and Prof. Masako YONEDA

1.       Global Sharing of the Findings from the Past Great Earthquake Disasters in

Japan Promoted by Science Council of Japan and 30 Academic Societies’

Liaison,  Masako YONEDA

2.       The South Nias people in Frame of Disaster Preparedness (Study on Audio

Visual Documentary “The Prepared Ones”, Dyah Rachmawati SUGIYANTO

3.       Reconsideration and Revelation of the Relationship among Big

Events, Preservation and Urbanization in the Context of Metabolism

Concept, Xinpeng WANG

4.       Methodology to Evaluate the Urban Spatial Characteristics of Traditional

Cities by Watershed-Based Analysis, Luong LIM

5.       The Origin of Khmer City Structure by Comparison of Vat Phu and Preah

Vihear, Chihiro KUROIWA

6.       Did the Heritage System Benefit the Municipality?

Case of Noto with the GIAHS applying Quantitative Approach to Assembly Records and Agricultural Products, Yuta Uchiyama

7.       Central Tower N1 of Prasat Sambor, Sambor PreiKuk Monument,

Sokuntheary So




Bayon Ballroom


Group II

Title: The Food, Health and Environmental Preservation in the Era of

Changing Climate

Co-chairs: Dr. HOR Peng and Prof. Shinji TSUKAWAKI

1.       Assessment of Rice Water Requirement by Using CROPWAT Model,

SONG Layheang

2.       Assessment of Driller Perceptions on Groundwater Resources in the

Mekong Tonle-Sap Floodplain of Cambodia, Marith MONG

3.       Climate Change and Water Governance in Stung ChreyBak Catchment of Tonle Sap Great Lake Basin in Cambodia, Sarann LY   

4.       Local Resident Perceptions of Eco-Cultural Tourism Impacts toward Sustainable Development: Evident from Selected Attractive Tourist Destinations in Cambodia, Sopheap HENG

5.       Metals Assessment in Edible Vegetables from Different Regions in

Cambodia, Pisith SOK







Group III

Title: Sustainable Development and the Use of Energy

Co-chairs: Dr. Po Kimtho  and Mr. Masakazu SATO

1.       Developments and Prospects of Smart Cities in Japan, Satoshi KAKIUCHI

2.       The Introduction Strategy of Greenlease for the Office Building in Japan,


3.       A Study of the Strategic Model Smart Mobility in Okinawa Main Island

(Electronic Vehicles and Plud-in Hybrid Vehicles), Toro FUJII

4.       Planning the Construction of Low-rise City Building Linear Scheduling

Method, Mishchenko VALERY







Lunch at the conference venue





Group I

Title: Preservation of Cultural Heritage and Disaster Prevention

Co-chairs: H.E. OUK Topbotra  and Prof. Takeshi Nakagawa

1.       Utilization and Date of Isanapura City Base on AMS C14 and Ceramics

Sources, Menghong CHHUM

2.       Bayon Great Buddha Restoration, Reconstitution and Reinstallation

Project, Takeshi NAKAGAWA

3.       Archaeological Excavation Survey for Restoration of the Bayon Temple :

 Case Study on the Excavation Survey of the Southern Library of Bayon

Temple, Kou VET

4.       THE SACRED GARDEN: Learning from the Conservation of Lumbini, K.


5.       Deterioration and Preservation of the Three-storied Stone Pagoda (West)

of Gameunsa Temple Site in Gyeongju, Korea, Soo Jin KIM

6.       10 Years of the International Training Course on Disaster Risk Management of Cultural Heritage- Lessons learnt and way forward, Rohitjigyasu

7.       Conception Framework Exploration Elements The Soul of The City In George Town, Penang, Firdaus Al-SiddiqFadzil

8.       Ground Penetrating radar for Humanitarian Demining and Archaeological Survey, Motoyuki Sato






Bayon Ballroom


Group II


Title: The Food, Health and Environmental Preservation in the Era of Changing Climate

Co-chair: Dr. Hul Seingheng and Prof. Keisuke HANAKI

1.       The Effect of the Environment Sound on Human Thermal SENSATITION,


2.       Measuring Thermal Insulation Value of Clothing Using Heat Flux Sensor,

 Yoshiaki YAMATO

3.       The Influence of Solar Radiation upon the Human Body, Yoshihito KURAZUMI

4.       Recent Tendency of Accidents in Building Facilities and Risk of Fatal Accidents

 by Heatstroke in Construction Industry, Hiroyuki WARIISHI

5.       Emission Sources of Air Pollutants in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Ung PORSRY

6.       Calibrating the Regeneration Process of the Resin HAIX Used for Arsenic

Affected Community in Cambodia, Theara EUNG

7.       Technique and Technology for Kitchen at Rural Villages in Cambodia,









Group III


Title: Sustainable Development and the Use of Energy

Co-Chair: Dr. Po Kimtho and Prof. Hiroto TAKAGUCHI

1.       The Impacts  of Electrification  on Energy  Usage and  Lifestyle in  Rural Areas

 of Cambodia, Seng OUSA

2.       Form Transformation and Energy Consumption of Cambodian Stilted Houses

in a Rural Area, Hiroto TAKAGUCHI

3.       A Survey on Residential Environment And The Renovation for A Bio-Village Around Western Region of China, Yasuko YOSHINO

4.       Actual Situation of Indoor Environment and Energy Consumption in the High-

rise Office buildings in Vietnam, Eriko TOKUDA

5.       Practical Process for Introducing Smart Business Continuity Management

to Tokyo, Takeshi SAKIMOTO

6.       Future Mobiquitous Tourism in Cambodia, Sok KIMHENG

7.       Making Asian Think-tank Networks & the Training of Young Leaders for the Asian Future, Kumiko HABA










SCA Management Board Meeting I  (SCA Members and observers only)



Welcome Gala Dinner hosted by Ministry of Education Youth and Sport

Rest. Kulen-2

16 May 2015, Saturday




8:00 -



SCA International Symposium (DAY 2)


Plenary session II  Chair by Prof. Dr. Mohd Nordin Bin Hassan


Keynote 3:Space Technology: A Powerful Tool for Our Prosperous and Secure

Society, Prof. Kiyoshi HIGUCHI, President, International Astronautically

Federation Technical Counselor of JAXA, Japan


Keynote 4:  Science and Technology for Cambodian Culture Heritage:

An Observation, H.E. Dr. Sackona PHOEURNG, Minister of Culture and Fine Arts,





Bayon Ballroom










SCA Joint Project Workshops (JPWS)

Title: Cambodian Heritage and Preservation and Environment of Ecosystem

toward the Future


Moderator: Dr. Om ROMNY, Vice-President of SCA & Director of ITC

Prof. Hiroshi YOSHINO, Secretary General, Science Council of Asia


1.       Environmental Changes of Cambodia during the Last 20,000 Years

and Environmental Changes of the Angkor World Heritage during the Last

20 Years, Prof.  Shinji TSUKAWAKI, Sedimentary Geology, Kanazawa

University, Ad Hoc Expert of ICC – ANGKOR

2.       Sustainable Platform for the Management of Biosphere Heritage in

Cambodia, Dr. Seingheng HUL, Director of Research, Institute of Technology

 of Cambodia

3.       Natural Capital Accounting: Pathway to Sustaining the Flow of

Ecosystem Services, Dr. Sophal CHHUN, Secretariat General for the

National Council on Green Growth, Cambodia

4.       Japanese Collaborators in the Golden Age of Modern Khmer City and Architecture in Cambodia, Kosuke MATSUBARA, Associate Professor, University of Tsukuba

Bayon Ballroom


Lunch at the conference venue





Group I


Title: Preservation of Cultural Heritage and Disaster Prevention

Co-chairs: H.E. OUK Topbotra and Prof. Hiroshi YOSHINO

1.       A Scientific Investigation of the Hull Form, Construction and Seaway

Performance of an Old Korean Ship,  “Wando-sun,” Dr. Hang S. CHOI

2.       Proposal of the Curriculum Development for Sustainable Architecture

 in Cambodian University, Yumi OHTA

3.       The Role of Education and Training in Protecting the Environment and

Preserving Cultural, Werner J. SCHMIDT

4.       Applying Tesseract for Khmer Optical Character Recognition, Srun SOVILA

5.       A Study of the Valuation Method of Heritage Assets at The National Trust, Masako YAMAMOTO

6.       The Study on Data Collection by GPS and Analysis on GIS in the Greater Lumbini, Tomoko Mori

7.       Expression of the Traditional Architectural Elements in the Renewal of Wenming Street Historical Block in Kunming City, China, Li TAO

8.       Cultural Heritage as Sustainable Tourism Resource, Satoshi Masutani


Bayon Ballroom


Group II

Title: The Food, Health and Environmental Preservation in the Era of

Changing Climate

Co-chairs: Dr. Chunhieng Thavarith and Prof. Fumiko KASUGA

1.         Impacts of Climate Change and Planned Dams on Suspended Sediment Dynamics In the Mekong River Basin, Yoshimura Chihiro

2.         Water Treatment Practice at Rural Areas of Myanmar and Possible Contribution by Environmental Engineering Technology, Hiroshi SAKAI

3.         Risk-based Food Safety ManagementFor Preserving Food Culture and Sustainable Healthy Society, Fumiko KASUGA

4.         Indigenous Medicinal Plants of Sri Lanka: A Cultural Heritage for Development, N. Savitri KUMAR

5.         Climate Change and Monsoon Onset Effects on Myanmar coastal resources emphasis on Myeik Archipelago, Nang Mya Han

6.         Community Learning Center: A Responds of the Grassroots Level to Overcome Poverty and Climate Change, Seng Sary

7.         Applying City Biodiversity Index to Japanese municipalities: Practical and methodological challenges, Yuta Uchiyama






Group III

Title: Sustainable Development and the Use of Energy

              Co-chairs:  Dr. Po Kimtho  and Prof. Tetsu KUBOTA

1.       Extraction of Total Phenolic Compounds from Mangosteen Pericarp

Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide with Hydrothermal Process, Chhouk


2.       Solid Waste Composition, Forecasting of Waste Generation and

Methane generation in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Seng KONG

3.       The Potential of Palm Oil Mill Effluent For Upgrade Biogas Production,


4.       Balancing Quality of Life and Energy-Saving among Residents in Major Cities of Indonesia, Tetsu KUBOTA













Wrap-up  Meeting chair by Dr. Vijaya KUMAR, President of SCA

Panel Discussion chair by Prof. Dr. Nordin HASAN, Immediate Past President of SCA

How SCA members can work together to achieve our Heritages and role of

Science and Technology for preventing and preserving World Heritages.

Closing CeremonyH.E. Dr. Phoeurng SACKONA, Minister of Culture and Fine Arts,

Kingdom of Cambodia







SCA Management Board Meeting II (SCA Members and observers only)



Farewell Gala Dinner hosted by SCJ (Invitees only)

Hotel’s pool site

17 May 2015, Sunday




7:20 -17:30

Excursion to the Angkor Watand otherheritage sites (Registrant only)

Departure from Angkor Paradise Hotel. Bus will pick-updelegates for the site visit

(Participation in the morning only is possible)


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