Description skill

ITC elaborated new educational programs in accordance with the socio-economic reality of the country and the region. On this subject, the qualitative analysis of the employment market in Cambodia which is in full reconstruction and in the most active region of the globe puts the following sectors in first education priority such:

  • Design and planning of buildings and cities
  • Buildings and architects
  • Public works and transportation
  • Prospection, production and energy distribution
  • Transformation of agricultural products and food science
  • Drinking water and sanitation
  • Industrial maintenance and Manufacture engineering
  • Telecommunications and Network design engineering
  • Automation systems, Control engineering and Robot
  • Power system, power distribution engineering and hydroelectric power plant
  • New energy development and energy conversion technology
  • Agricultural hydrology and irrigation, water resources management
  • Electronics and power electronics
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Geology and mineral resources
  • Petroleum